Catalog Connection  Program


Q.  How Many Catalog Connection Packages Can I Request?

A.  This is a TRIAL PROGRAM.  At this point, there is no limit on how many packages you can request.

You can request (1) Catalog Package per Hostess/Coordinator per address per catalog publication.

IMPORTANT:  Before requesting a package be sent, you must communicate with your Hostess/Order Coordinator to confirm they are interested in receiving materials


DO NOT request a package until you verify your Hostess / Order Coordinator 

is interested in assembling orders

Q.  Can I Request a Catalog Connection Package for myself?

  (i.e. As both Hostess & Consultant to receive Commission & FREE Merchandise Credit?)

A.  YES:  Note that the Catalog Connection is a SEPARATE ORDER and cannot be combined with any other on-line shows, consultant shows,  orders, promotions, etc.  The Catalog Connection Order needs to be submitted following the instructions enclosed with the package.  This applies to Consultants & Hostesses/Order Coordinators.  

Q.  What is The Cost to Send a Catalog Connection Package?

A.  FREE: Linen World is covering 100% of the cost of the printing & mailing of the package.

We will monitor the results of this trial and reserve the right to update, modify or cancel at anytime.

Q.  My Recipient Doesn't Have an Email Address.  Can I still request a Package?

A.  YES:  Use Your email address if your recipient does not have an email address when completing the form.



The goal of the "Catalog Connection" is to streamline & simplify what is commonly known as a catalog show. It is not unusual for us to receive catalog orders totaling $500, $750, $1,000 and more. All local orders shipping FREE to the hostess/coordinator for distribution.


There is a TREMENDOUS Opportunity for Consultants to expand their business & income with our support. You provide the contact information of the Hostess/Coordinator and we take care of EVERYTHING including sending catalog connection package AND order processing!



Linen World believes in doing whatever we can do for our Consultants to be successful. As the Consultant, you would provide us with the contact information of someone (i.e. hostess/coordinator ) who would like to earn FREE Merchandise by assembling orders and we take it from there!


We send a Catalog Connection Package consisting of:

Introductory / Instruction Letter, Free Merchandise Work Sheet, Order Forms, Catalog)

Your Hostess / Coordinator Assembles Orders Using Materials Provided

PLUS: Customers can Browse Even More Items at:

All Orders Placed With Hostess/Coordinator (NOT online)

2) When Hostess/Coordinator wants to Submit Orders:


When the Hostess/Coordinator is ready to submit the orders & claim their FREE Merchandise, they have the following options to submit the orders:

>Mail Orders & FREE Merchandise Selections

To: Linen World, 4 Centre Drive, Orchard Park, NY 14127 (envelope provided)

>Fax Orders & FREE Merchandise Selections

To: 716-972-0056

>Scan / Take Pictures of Orders & FREE Merchandise Selections

Upload at: OR Email to

>Call Linen World @ 1-800-536-2457 with orders & we will write them up, along with your FREE Merchandise Rewards! You can also call us or email with any questions.


This is designed to be more of an old-school approach to the business. All orders on the "Catalog Connection" are submitted via the options above. Customers can VIEW items @ and place the order on the printed order forms. This concept is NOT for online orders.


Earn commission for simply providing us with the Hostess / Coordinator Contact Information.

(you will be asked to communicate with your hostess/coordinator prior to us sending a package to confirm they are interested.)  EXAMPLE: On a $500 Order, you earn $100 and all you had to do was provide us with the contact!



>20% of Sales in FREE Merchandise*

>4 Items @ 40% Discount*

>FREE Shipping for all orders going to the Hostess/Coordinator for distribution.

*Free Merchandise & Optional Discount Items being with $150+ in total sales.