Promote On-Line Shows & Events 

"Linen World's Promo Tool"

After a  Show Link (free) is requested for a Consultant or a Hostess,

we create customized access that allows the Show Link to be EASILY & EFFICIENTLY Shared on Facebook, Facebook Video, Email, Social Media or TEXT


Terms of Service

-Do NOT use the Facebook Ad Share Feature of the Promo Tool to post more than (2) post a day on Facebook.  

You can share & post your custom link (i.e.

in a manner of your choosing and location in social media, email, text, etc.  We recommend following good social media practices, including those outlined in Facebook Community Standards.   Do NOT Spam.  

                Facebook Share

The first time you “Share” a facebook post on desktop & mobile, you might have to enable your browser to allow pop ups for the program  (this is a one time event) and can usually be found in settings or @ top of browser on desktop

Send  a Text Message Promoting Custom Link

To Use The Text Message Feature:

1) Select Invite Contacts by SMS

3) Compose your Message  AND copy & paste your link in the message at the end of the message. NOTE: Keep message SHORT & SWEET - (under a 100 characters or your message will get broken up)

4) Enter the number(s) you would like to TEXT your Message & Link to (use area code & number) - use comma to separate numbers.



(Note: It can take a few minutes for the text message to appear on the recipients phone)

Prospect List:
The 'Promo Tool' allows hostesses to save their top prospects (i.e. customers) so that repeat emails & text phone numbers  are quick & easy.  ALSO, the Prospect List is SAVED for the Hostess so when they have another show in a few months, their customer list is already pre-built for them to easily access & send.

Pre-Built Promotion Ads:

Multiple 'Promotion Ads' to Choose From!
Repetition is key - Linen World has ALREADY created ads you can share/email.


Over the course of a 2 week show, for example, you or the hostess can send a few different 'ads' to encourage sales , participation & promote current specials.

Email Promotion & Flexibility
Email addresses can be entered manually, OR, once prospect list is populated, an auto-fill feature is available. 


The 'Promo Tool' also allows the hostess to COPY & SHARE the customized show link on any social media platform of their choice, including Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, etc.

There can be one active show link per email address. 


A consultant can have their own show running AND an unlimited number of hostesses with unique emails